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Lego4D v.1

XPresso Preset, Model tagged with Voxel, Cube, Lego

Several LEGO pieces to choose from, in one object, with an intergrated Building System, to place them where you want them accurately and quickly!

PSR Animator v.1

XPresso Preset tagged with Animation

Animates the Position, Scale and Rotation of any object, on any axis with some optional spring effect and some control-animation-splines with zero keyframes.

LegoMAN 4D v.1

XPresso Preset, Model tagged with Voxel, Cube, Lego, Animation, Character, Rig

High quality and accurate minifig 3D model, fully rigged and textured, ready for animation and render.

Frames v.1

XPresso Preset, Model tagged with Architecture, Bevel, Frame, Interior

Design and create a very wide variety of frames really quick with "Frames", and place your pictures inside...or use them as mirrors,or even as windows...You can also choose among some frame presets, within this fully parametric object, if you don't want to spend time making your own.

LegoMAN 4D Accessories v.1

XPresso Preset, Model tagged with Lego, Animation, Character, Toy

A collection of 18 3D accessory models, with their own parameters, to use with LegoMAN 4D, or as stand-alone items! The pack also includes 24 Sticker images, to apply directly on LegoMAN 4D! Get a wide variety of minifigs in your scenes, with "LegoMAN 4D Accessories"!

Easter Eggz v.1.0

XPresso Preset tagged with Rig, Sphere, Easter, Egg

Parametric Easter egg model with many features!